Confluence Doctor - Dr. Edwin M. Price (1910 - 1992)

10/20/2013 22:52

Dr. Price, was my grandfather.  He was the local/rural doctor/physician in Confluence from 1938-1992.  He was a major influence in my live.  My mother, Irene Koontz, wrote a historical book, "God's Servant" on his career from his medical international internship at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada, to his graduation from University of Pittsburgh Medical School to his practice at Price Hospital in Confluence, PA.  He met my grandmother, Bertha Irene Pinchin (a registered nurse - anesthesiogist) at Toronto General and they married in 1938.  That same year, he began life in Confluence at "Price Hospital" where he delivered over 3,000+ babies in the surrounding communities, and performed many types of surgery.  The book documents his first usage of pencillin on patients and his notes on the drug's impact on fighting infection.  Additionally the book contains first-hand accounts from many of the nurses and employees of Price Hospital.  The book is available by contacting Irene at 103 May Hollow Road, Confluence, PA 15424 or Phone:  814-395-5078.